Learn and develop yourself

Learn and develop yourself

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  • “Design of Brushless Permanent-Magnet Machines”
    Summary: This PM brushless machine design book was written with a focus on actual engineering practice and tries to deal with most of the questions that arise on a daily basis.
    Authors: J.R. HENDERSHOT &

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  • “Electric Machine Design using SPEED and Motor-CAD”
    Summary: In this book two of the most experienced authors in the field have come together to present a practical guide to the design of electric machines using the SPEED and Motor-CAD software packages.
    Authors: T.J.E. MILLER & D. STATON
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    Summary: Guideline for Applying IEC standards to Industrial Equipment.
    Authors: T. HAZEL
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  • “Magnets”
    Summary: Theoretical and Practical Aspects of the Magnets for Electric Motors and Generators.
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Other Technical Documents
  • “3P_21KW_50Nm_DATASHEET”
    Summary: Brushless Permanent Magnet DC Machine designed and optimized for EHVs.
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  • “Electric Machine Design” – Tutorial Lectures
    Summary: This series of Electric Motor Design Lectures covers practical design procedures for three types of electric machines. It is intended for engineers who have a basic understanding of the respective theory.
    Instructor: J.R. HENDERSHOT
    Availability: available online

How does an asynchronous induction motor work?

How to check for a damaged armature?

How to select a gearmotor?

How to select a AC Motor?

How to select a Servo Motor?

How to select a Stepper Motor?

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Training courses
  • “In-house motor design workshop”
    Summary: Practical application of the basic theory of electric machines and how to design them from scratch.
    Authors: MOTOR ENGINEER network experts
    Availability: in our online store

  • “Motor design workshop online”
    Summary: Online workshop with fixed starting date and duration individually instructed by our expert through email or the workshop forum.
    Authors: MOTOR ENGINEER network experts
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