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MOTOR ENGINEER proposes specialized services for the electromagnetic, thermal and mechanic analysis and design of both conventional and unconventional electric motors and generators.

We can assist you with:

Domains covered – either directly or via an extended range of partners and suppliers in research and industry – are:

  • Electromagnetism (our core expertise),
  • Thermal aspects,
  • Power electronics,
  • Controls,
  • Solid and fluid mechanics,
  • System integration and general electrical engineering.

And this from a theoretical point of view as well from a practical one.

Engineering Packages help you to design or integrate electrical machines in an efficient and rapid manner. Electromagnetic and Thermal Analysis is available so far.

What are Engineering Packages?

Engineering Packages are “pre-packaged” standard calculations (analytical and/or finite element, 2D or 3D) covering important and necessary design aspects for the engineering of electric rotating machines, be it radial, axial or transverse flux machines.
For each package you obtain a clear set of deliverables.


Correct treatment of your request requires a complete set of input data.

Please note also that some packages are dependent on each other (cf. product description).

Technologies covered

Engineering Packages are available for the following technologies of electric rotating machines:

  • Radial Flux Machine:
    • Brushless Permanent Magnet Machine,
    • Permanent Magnet Synchronous AC Motor,
    • Wound Rotor Synchronous Machine,
    • AC Induction Motor.

    Calculations are available for single, three phase machines and split phase machines.

  • Axial Flux Machine:
    • Axial Permanent Magnet Synchronous Flux Machine.
  • Also many other machine technologies (e.g. Switched Reluctance, Transverse Flux Machines, DC commutator machines, etc.).

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