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Electric Motor and
Generator Design Expertise

Your One-Stop Access to premium specialist knowledge - worldwide.

The optimized technical answer at a fraction of the traditional time and hassle.
Just “working in this field” or expert yourself, punctual advice or turnkey project, rough evaluation or detailed analysis, from below 1kW to above 1MW, standard application or unknown terrain - it is your work and it is your decision.
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The MEPS are here

quick sizeWe are introducing the Library of Motor Engineering Problem Solvers (MEPS).

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Dyno Kit (200 Watt)

dyno kitComplete laboratory dynamometer kit for understanding and teaching the technology of electric motors and drives.

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Carbon fiber sleeves for high speed rotor retention

carbon fiber sleevesTailor made components of composite materials by specific combination of different fibers and matrix materials and the use of special reinforcement architectures.

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