Dyno Kit (200 Watt)

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The basic dynamometer kit comes with (3) test motors including a PM DC motor, a 3 phase (4 pole) AC induction motor fitted with an encoder, and a PM brushless motor (8 pole) along with a calibrated PM DC generator used as a load. All motors except for the PM DC are fitted with an encoder, couplings and motor bases for easy interchangeability. All motors are design for a maximum of 42 V DC excitation for safety and the acknowledgement of future automobile accessory applications.

Optional motors:

  • Switched Reluctance Motor with Magnetic Encoder (2,3 or 4 Phase)
  • (4) Pole Synchronous Reluctance Motor with Magnetic Encoder (3 Phase)
  • Wound Field Synchronous AC Motor Fitted with Dual Slip Rings & Brushes
  • Dual-Fed AC Induction Motor with Three Slip Rings & Brushes

2.0 nm torque transducer and digital readout with RS232 port
The torque transducer option provides for test load generator calibration and in-line torque and power measurements for torque vs speed curves of test motors.

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