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Property Unit Value
Loading - Radial
MATRIX - Hot cured Epoxy
Density g/cm³ 1,52
Temperature Resistance Short-term / Long-term °C / °C
°F / °F
180 / 150
356 / 297
Tensile Strength axial MPa 90
Compressive Strength axial MPa 170
Flexural Strength axial MPa 90
E-Modulus axial GPa 10
Elongation axial % 0,9
Tensile Strength tangential MPa 2420
E-Modulus tangential GPa 145
Elongation tangential % 1.7
Shear Strength MPa 80
G-Modulus GPa 3

The above listed characteristics are calculated values using the PUCK criteria for break between the fibres and/or break of fibres and are grounds for the dimensioning of the components. Since the properties of composite materials are very component dependent, no guarantee can be made.

  • Lightweight components in mechanical engineering with high strength standards at a low price.
  • Resin: Hot cured Epoxy, ambient or warm-cured on request with lower temperature resistance.
  • Break characteristics: In some particular cases, component specific examinations must be implemented. We will gladly be of assistance in specific construction and component examination.

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