Electronic Magnetic Pole Detector

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This new, handy magnetic pole tester provides an instant zero-delay magnetic pole indication. Just press the push button to activate the built-in electronic circuitry that will indicate the appropriate magnetic pole via LEDs at once. The green LED marks the south pole, the red one indicates north. The probe is fitted in the tip of this pen-style pole tester. Due to the small distance between the probe and the specimen, reliable indications are obtained even with closely spaced pole centers. As the tester is passed over the magnet, an LED light change from green to red indicates the south-to-north pole transition. A magnet’s neutral zone can likewise be precisely identified in this manner. It is assumed in all of the foregoing that the pole tester is held in a vertical position relative to the magnet

Property Unit Value
Dimensions Approx. mm 143 x 22 x 20 (incl. battery)
Display Two LED display - green = south/red = north
Sensitivity mT ±17 mT on/off hysteresis
Operating temp range °C 0 to + 50
Storage temp °C -20 to + 70
Batteries provided V (4) x 1.5

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