Characterization of Soft Ferromagnetic Material

What materials ?

We can provide you with the complete dynamic characterization of:

  • FeSi,
  • FeNi,
  • FeCo,
  • and other magnetic steels and soft magnetic materials (C10, C100, Fe360 and similar, 10SPb20, AISI430, …).

Sample sizes:

It is possible to measure samples in the form of sheets or rings, or even assembled motor stators or rotors.
For the single strip or sheet sample the suggested dimensions are 80x80mm with a maximum thickness of 1,5mm.

The results for you:

Measured results can be saved/exported directly in .txt or .csv (spreadsheet) format which you will get together with a characterization report.

More details…

Why characterizing soft magnetic materials ?

  • Electromagnetic design needs the first magnetization curve,
  • To know “magnetic losses” (hysteresis + eddy current),
  • For quality control,
  • To optimize your device (fewer losses, reduced overall dimensions, higher performances).

Measured properties are:

  • Magnetic losses (total, hysteresis and eddy current),
  • Hysteresis loop,
  • Remanent flux density (Br),
  • Coercivity (Hc),
  • First magnetization curve B(H),
  • Permeability curve μ(H),
  • Magnetic induction (J),
  • Magnetic field strength (H),
  • Induction form factor.

The measuring range will be as follows:

  • Magnetic induction “J”: from 0,001 to 2 Tesla,
  • Magnetic field strength “H”: from 1 to 10000 A/m,
  • Frequency: from quasi static to 1 kHz (higher frequencies on request).


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