MEPS – Air gap density Hci

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Technical description


Here you can compute the working point of a magnet for a given temperature taking into account the following parameters:

  • Magnet material properties (remanent flux density Br and coercive force Hc) at a given temperature,
  • Geometric dimensions of the machine (radial thickness of magnet and air gap).

The working point of a magnet is characterized by its magnetic field Hg and a corresponding flux density Bg.
This working point is determined as the intersection of the load line of the machine and the demagnetization curve of the magnet at a given temperature.

Specific conditions of use

This tool should be used for Ferrite for Rare Earth magnets (NdFeB and SmCo). AlNiCo is not considered.

Note: The rated temperature is not an input data. The rated temperature is the temperature for which Br and Hc are given. Please use data from the magnet suppliers. The rated temperature is often 23°C.

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