MEPS – Air gap shear stress

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Technical description


Here you can compute the torque density and the air gap shear stress (force density) of a given electrical machine.

This is a way of quick sizing your design.

Specific conditions of use

In the end you may compare your results to typical values for different machine classes given in a table. Or you have your own reference values.

MEPS page access

MEPS page access is protected. The protection is handled automatically through self-expiring links for uninterrupted use in a given period. You will receive your personal access by email after you return from a successful purchase at PayPal. So, please follow the steps below:

  • choose the period you would like to use the MEPS,
  • click on the respective PayPal button in order to purchase the time-limited access,
  • purchase by PayPal account or by credit card on the PayPal platform,
  • follow then the instructions sent by email.
Price (incl. VAT) for a period Payment button
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3 € for 3 months

10 € for 1 year

General conditions of use

  • It is assumed that you are an expert user.
  • Usage is at your own risk. Even though our experts work daily with these mini-tools, we decline any responsibility on the results accuracy or applicability.
  • No support or refund is included in the usage fee. You use the MEPS “online” in an “as is” condition.
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