MACCON GmbH, Germany

MACCON, formed in 1982, is a premium Motion Control development partner for industry, defence, aerospace and research.

Their competence is the:

  • development and production of electric motors,
  • supply of high performance drive and energy conversion components,
  • application of motors, drives and auxiliary products in turn-key mechatronic systems .

In the field of motor engineering MACCON offers design tools (SPEED, Motor-CAD, Flux, Portunus) and design services as well as ready prototype motors, exactly to user specification.

The motor technologies and types they design and build are:

  • DC-BL, AC, SR and stepper motors,
  • servomotors,
  • direct drive motors, rotary torque and linear,
  • traction and propulsion motors vehicles,
  • electric generators,
  • starter-generators,
  • solenoids,
  • magnetic clutches and brakes.

MACCON also offers a wide range of other standard Motion Control products, including actuators, motors and generators in the power range of up to 250kW as well as sensors, electromagnets, solenoids, clutches, amplifiers, controllers and DC/DC-converters.

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