Motor Design Ltd., United Kingdom

Motor Design Ltd. was formed in 1998 to provide accurate and cost effective heat transfer analysis software for electric machine design.

The Motor-CAD software, brainchild of the internationally-renowned pioneer of electric motor design, Dr Dave STATON, is now the world’s leading software package dedicated to the optimization of motor cooling, providing a crucial link between conventional electromagnetic design and thermal analysis.

Motor Design Ltd. offers in addition consultancy services and training to both established designers and engineers who are new to the business.

Their competence is the electromagnetic and thermal analysis, design and optimization of electric motors and generators.

The motor technologies and types covered are:

  • Brushless Permanent Magnet,
  • Outer Rotor BPM,
  • Induction,
  • Permanent Magnet DC,
  • Switched Reluctance,
  • Synchronous,
  • and Claw Pole machines,
  • DC Commutator,
  • and Universal Motors.

In the field of motor engineering they distribute the following design tools: SPEED, Portunus and Flux.

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