MOTORSOLVER LLC is a premier information source for the design, application, study, education, sourcing, manufacturing and prototyping of electric motors and generators.

MOTORSOLVER, founded by Jim HENDERSHOT (, is based upon a continuation of the products and services offered by two former similar companies he founded called Magna-Physics and MotorSoft.

These products and services are the result of 40 years of experience of electric motor design and manufacturing.

The principal motor technologies and types covered are:

  • PM Brushless Motors & Alternators,
  • PM-AC Synchronous Motors & Generators,
  • AC Induction Motors for Vector Control,
  • Switched Reluctance Motors & Generators,
  • Synchronous Reluctance Machines.

In addition MOTORSOLVER provides leading design & research tools for designing, training, testing and prototyping of motors and generators. These tools include motor Dyno-Kits, training/workshop courses, design books for electrical machines, magnetic pole detectors, magnetic viewing film, magnet wire strippers and a magnetic encoder with commutation tracts for 10 pole brushless motors.

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