Service Packages


In-house motor design workshop

Content: Practical application of the basic theory of electric machines and how to design them from scratch. Covering all aspects of the practical machine design process including sizing, pole, slot and winding selection, magnetic material selection, important mechanical issues, machine losses, efficiency, cooling aspects plus guidance with inverter types and sensor feedback.
Duration: two days at customer site.
Price: without travel expenses nor customization.

Price: 4,000.00 €

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Bibliographic research (standard format)

Content: Three days of bibliographic research on a given topic using our comprehensive and dedicated library and other information sources. This will help you to locate, evaluate and use required information effectively.
Deliverables: Summary report with references and a first technical analysis.

Price: 3,000.00 €

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Content: According to your request we will prepare a formal technical and commercial quotation. The amount paid here will be deducted from your purchase price in case you order the corresponding service or product.

Deliverables: Formal quotation.

Price: 300.00 €

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