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Equivalent Parameters Determination and Load Calculations


  • Equivalent Parameters are provided for the induction machine as Inductances of the Stator and the Rotor, Resistances of the stator and rotor, Iron Resistance,…
  • Torque is computed for a given slip, current or voltage .3 load points results (mechanical, electromagnetic and electric) are provided.
  • These load calculations are computed by taking into account the thermal behavior of the machine. Thermal Analysis gives results as Temperature distribution for the steady state of the machine.

Minimum requirements: MODEL_FIRST_CALC_ASYNC.

Deliverables: Power Balance with values of electrical and mechanical quantities (current, power factor, torque …) and curves of these quantities. Equivalent Parameters Values, Thermal Analysis Results with temperature distribution.

Category: Engineering Package
Machine: Asynchronous Machine

Price: 3,000.00 €

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